Soul Dog Heroes: Yvonne & Izzy Todacheene

Yvonne Todacheene plays with a puppy at her farm in Shiprock. (Photo Credit:
Yvonne Todacheene plays with a puppy at her farm in Shiprock. (Photo Credit:

We can think of no better way to kick off this blog than by recognizing Yvonne and Izzy Todacheene, two of the most amazing and devoted volunteers that Soul Dog has the privilege of working with.

Before Soul Dog Rescue even got started, Yvonne and Izzy were toiling away, doing whatever they could to help homeless animals in the Shiprock area. Once Soul Dog began operating in the area we joined forces with the Todacheenes, who have constructed a series of kennels on their property to house animals in need.

Soul Dog Rescue helps provide food for the animals, which is dropped off every few weeks when volunteers pick up a load of dogs and cats to transport to trusted Denver-area shelters and rescues for adoption. Even with the regular transports, the kennels on Todacheene Farm are often full. This incredible couple houses 50-120 animals at any given time.

The Todacheenes are working on establishing a Navajo nonprofit organization to formalize their foster and rescue work. A major goal is to increase involvement and support from the local community and the Navajo Nation. A nonprofit structure would also make it easier for the Todacheenes to receive much-needed charitable donations.

Without Yvonne and Izzy the rescue side of the Soul Dog operation would simply not function. Words cannot express the tremendous gratitude we feel towards them for their incredible dedication. Thanks to their heroic leadership we have been able to be part of their work saving hundreds of deserving animals.

4 thoughts on “Soul Dog Heroes: Yvonne & Izzy Todacheene

  1. I have had the pleasure to meet Yvonne and Izzy and and happy to call them my friends! Without their hard work a lot of animals would not have their forever families!
    Thank You so much

  2. I want to say a HUGE thank you to Yvonne and Izzy!! whenever I call them to rescure a puppy or unwanted dog here in Shiprock, they come with a warm heart and open arms!! So happy they are here to help! God bless them and all the dogs they have rescured 🙂

  3. I have a thriving Facebook page, “Navajo in the City”; we should collaborate and make a video for donations! Many of my followers are in the 4 corners area and if we schedule a “Meet & Greet” at the Yvonne & Izzy’s ranch, we can set up a station to receive donations. Call me at (720) 237-5650 or email Thank you! – Davina

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