Soul Dog Heroes: Tami and Bernie Algard

Bernie and Tami Algard spend their free time making beautiful, solid and sturdy dog houses for animals that have nothing! They make them, paint them beautifully, load them up and deliver right to your door on a huge flatbed trailer. Numerous rez dogs no longer have to endure life without shelter in the middle of the desert because these two care!


One of Bernie’s hobbies is carpentry and when the couple became concerned about animals who have no shelter, they decided to put his skills to good use, using wood and other materials collected from dumpsters. Back in 2014, they began the process of designing, prototyping, and building houses. At the same time Tami started networking via Facebook, contacting rescues that would be able to get the dog houses to those in need.

The houses are constructed by Bernie, and carefully crafted with weather-treated, insulated bottoms. Tami paints them with two coats of outdoor paint. They then load up their trailer and deliver 6 – 10 to a given rescue, including Soul Dog. Since they started this wonderful project, Bernie and Tami have built and donated close to 100 houses!
We are so moved by Tami and Bernie’s resourcefulness, dedication, and creativity. They inspire us with their example. It just goes to show that when you want to help, you find a way to do it. Here’s Tami’s message about why continue to do this work: “It gives us such joy knowing we have helped many! I thank the rescue groups for getting them to the animals and all they do! We couldn’t do it without them!”
Bernie and Tami, we are so grateful for you!

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