Soul Dog Clinic Schedule 2018

UPDATED June 6,  2018

January 27-28 Santa Rosa, NM

February 17-18 Crownpoint, NM

March 3-4 Torreon, NM

March 17-18 Shiprock, NM

March 31-April 1 Portales, NM

May 5-6 Cottonwood, AZ

May 19-20 Ute Reservation, Utah

June 9-10 Sanostee, NM

June 23-24 Shiprock, NM

June 30-July 1 Lodge Grass, MT

July 14-15 Clovis, NM

July 21-22  Torreon, NM

July 21-22 Kykotsmovi, Hopi Rez

August 4-5 Crownpoint, NM

August 18-19 Chinle, AZ

September 1-2 Shiprock, NM

September 29-30 Sanostee, NM

October 20-21 Portales, NM

October 27-28 Clovis, NM

November 10-11 Shiprock, NM

December 1-2 Portales, NM


To schedule your pet for spay or neuter please email Taylor

To volunteer at a clinic please email Mary Ann

We need Vets, Vet techs, and general clinic help