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Founder and Director

shelbyShelby Davis founded Soul Dog and currently manages day to day operations, fundraising, transfers and animal rescues, and our new thrift store. She is also hands-on at all reservation spay/neuter clinics.  Prior to her work for Soul Dog, Shelby worked for the ASPCA, as the Director of Spay/Neuter Operations, based in New York City, and before that, Shelby served in the Disaster Response department with American Humane.

Prior to organizing Soul Dog, Shelby co-founded the Colorado Animal Welfare League, where she and a team of volunteers performed more than 2,100 spay/neuter surgeries in a year and a half.  Shelby volunteers with several international groups, including Animal Balance and PAE Ambato, to bring spay/neuter to developing countries.  Shelby has been a dedicated shelter volunteer for years, walking and socializing the hard-to-handle dogs.

It has long been a goal to be able to focus on Soul Dog and the people and animals that the many programs help.  Just over the midway point in 2014, Soul Dog has sterilized close to 1400 animals and rescued and transported 814 animals from the reservation to other shelter partners, rescues and fosters for adoption.

“The only way to really get anywhere in animal welfare is through collaboration.  I am extremely proud of the partnerships Soul Dog has formed with local shelters, partner groups and community leaders in the places where we work.  Soul Dog is made up of volunteers from all over Colorado and the Four Corners Area; volunteers come as far as New York, California, Texas and Canada!  It’s rewarding to have so much support and assistance from such a wide range of people dedicated to changing the lives of animals and making their future better.  We are seeing a shift in the attitudes and care of animals in the places where we work, as well as a decrease of the animals surrendered to the area shelters.  This makes all of the blood, sweat, tears and heartache worthwhile!”
Shelby Davis



cristieDr. Cristie Kamiya’s first encounter with the shelter world occurred at the age of 9 when her family adopted a mixed breed puppy from the local shelter.  A love of animals and a childhood dream of becoming an animal doctor evolved over the years into a passion for advocating on behalf of homeless and lost pets.  She has worked as a shelter veterinarian in humane societies, municipal shelters and rescues in the Denver-Boulder areas of Colorado, the greater Phoenix metro area of Arizona, and Northern California.  Dr. Kamiya currently resides in Davis, California and is pursuing a Shelter Medicine Specialist certification from the University of California-Davis Koret world!  She enjoys traveling and volunteering for organizations that provide veterinary care for underserved areas in the U.S. and internationally.  In her free time, Dr. Kamiya can be found entertaining foster kittens or playing outdoors with her adopted shelter dogs.


Director – Administration

Mary Ann Wentzel
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Director – Clinic Coordinator

Medical Director

Dr. Kerry Parker grew up in Texas sweet-talking every horse she could find. After 10 years of the daily grind she decided to go for her dream; veterinary school. She was living in Albuquerque at the time, so she did her undergrad work at the University of New Mexico. She was accepted at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences and graduated in 1994. During school she became interested in alternative medicine and went on to study acupuncture for animals. She practiced acupuncture in California with dogs, cats, and horses, before returning to Colorado, and the mountains she loved. While working for an animal rescue organization in Brighton, Colorado, she became interested in pet overpopulation. For the past 10 years she has performed spay/neuter surgeries in an effort to contribute to lowering the number of unwanted animals. When she is not performing surgeries, she enjoys everything horse-related, spending time with two spoiled dogs, and reading science fiction and romance novels.

Volunteer & Foster Coordinator



Appointment Scheduler

taylorTaylor Moreau is from a small town called Garrett just north of Fort Wayne, Indiana. While she grew up with cats crawling all over her, she was desperate for a dog. In seventh grade, she met her first rescue, Lucy, and immediately knew it was GAME OVER. Although her love for the fur babes was vast, life led her down another path…education. While attending Indiana University, Taylor enrolled in the Cultural Immersion Program and was placed on the Navajo Reservation for student teaching, where she was quickly introduced to the issue of overpopulation among stray cats and dogs. Taylor attended many clinics during her time on the reservation, and after returning to the area to teach. In December of 2014, Taylor decided to crack her knuckles and work some Excel magic. She took on a new role: The Appointment Scheduler of Soul Dog Rescue. While her heart is still in the Southwest, Taylor now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana with her fur child, Maggie Louise, where she still continues her work for Soul Dog Rescue.


Clinic & Rescue Volunteers

Nothing happens at Soul Dog Rescue without volunteers. Every one of our clinics is staffed by teams of talented volunteer veterinarians, vet techs, and vet assistants who donate their time and skills because they care about the plight of the animals we help. Adoptions are possible only through the efforts of the amazing people who assess the animals, transport them from the four corners area to Colorado’s Front Range, and foster them in loving homes. We profile a few of those heroes in our blog. Their tireless work is supported by a small group of administrative volunteers listed below, who keep things running. Interested in joining us? Fill out a volunteer application.